Scharpf & Kögel Sondermaschinenbau GmbH do not only offer products driven by customers’ needs, but we accompany you from the outset - from the idea to the successful implementation.

Our motivated team, as well as our specialised co-workers are always ready to offer you help and advice.

Planning and consultation onsite

We offer customer-orientated service, advising our customers individually onsite, depending on requirement and situation.

When realising special purpose machines or special equipment we find solutions even with the trickiest tasks. So far we have been able to supply virtually every one of our customers with a suitable and customised solution.

Construction design

Thanks to our many years of collaboration with various design departments our ideas are always put into practice with the most modern means.


Depending upon individual tasks we take on and produce among other things:

  • Product development
  • Prototyping for single or multi-component articles
  • The highly-qualified single treatment of components
  • The multi-level manufacture of components and apparatus


We also carry out of course the appropriate tests- in co-operation with you.


Moreover, we offer – at the customer’s option – the production of pilots.
This has among other things the advantage that we can directly eliminate onsite any “teething troubles” that may arise.

Overhauling of used equipment

Using your machines and equipment for many years leaves behind traces of wear and tear - we overhaul, modernise and repair your used equipment and machines, and get them going again!


We commission all apparatus, machines and equipment beforehand and test them at the same time. We can thus ensure that everything is in good working order and at the same time minimise the times for assembly and start-up with you onsite.


We attach great importance to the optimal training of your service personnel. Our practice-oriented instruction is carried out by trained technicians in theory and practice, entirely at your option, either:

  • In our factory
  • Inland and abroad onsite

For further information please see service

Spare parts and wearing parts

The rapid elimination of faults and the reduction in downtimes and malfunctioning costs that come with it, are for us a matter of course.

Our well functioning spare part and wearing part service concept ensures a smooth production for our customers and with it your success.

When the chips are down, we are always there for you – as we are always on the ball!